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As public adjusters in Miami-Dade, we focus on providing unbiased insurance claims consulting and adjusting for policy owners.  We use our knowledge of the insurance system to your advantage.

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We Started This Insurance Servicing and Adjusting Company Because We Are Passionate About Policyholders Getting a Fair Settlement

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If you are in the process of filing an insurance claim, you are well aware of the stress, complications, and worries that can come along with the situation.  Rightway Public Adjusters in Miami can certainly be of benefit under such circumstances.

Our services are designed to take some of the stress away from your current situation and to help you restore your property and life as fast as possible.

The earlier in the process that you contact us, the better.  We help you avoid common mistakes and errors that can cost our time and money.

Our Claims Processing Services Includes:

  • help for residential and commercial policy owners.
  • Helping you gather the proper documentation
  • Helping you file the initial claim
  • Meeting with the staff adjuster
  • Addressing questions and requests for additional information by the insurance company
  • Filing for supplemental estimates or appeals if needed
  • And much more.

Understanding The Role Of A Public Adjuster

Here comes a clear and concise guide:

What Is A Public Adjuster?

A public adjuster is the professional claims adjuster who is able to represent the interests of the policyholder during the claims process. Public adjusters do not work in any way, shape or form for the insurance company. Their services are exclusively for the policyholder.

How Much Will A Public Adjusters Cost?

We can’t speak for other adjusters in Miami Florida but we offer a free evaluation of your potential claim or appeal, and we only receive payment based on what we can recover for you.

What Can A Reputable Public Adjuster Do For Me?

The main benefits of using public adjusting services are outlined below:
You Save A Lot Of Time
The lead public adjuster with Rightway is an expert in the field of insurance claims. We know the law, the pitfalls, the loopholes, the procedures, and the list goes on. What may take you a full week to research, will likely be at the tip of the tongue for us.

Priceless Peace Of Mind
When undertaking an insurance claim, stress levels can quickly mount. There are worries over whether you completed documents correctly, concerns as to whether you have provided enough detail, and stress about how to be successful during negotiations.

We Understand the Jargon, So You Don’t Have To
Couple all of the discomfort of a damaged home with the potential expense of costly repairs and then add in trying to interpret confusing policies, understand estimates and facilitate inspections, and it becomes all too clear why many people involved in a damage claim, suffer from far too many sleepless nights.

The services of a public adjuster allow you to leave the red tape, paperwork and tedious details to the experts. In turn, you have peace of mind knowing that everything has been completed properly when it should be and in the appropriate detail.

Protect Your Rights
The moment you send a claim to an insurance company, they will start the process by sending you an adjuster. This adjuster works for the insurance company; their focus is to protect the interests of the company.

You, on the other hand, want to make sure that you hire an insurance expert who is only concerned with protecting your interests.  Hiring a public adjuster gives you the peace of mind to know that someone who knows what they are doing, has truly got your back.

There is no doubt that insurance claims and all the procedure that goes with them can generate a whole lot of stress. By understanding the role of a public adjuster and enlisting the services of a reputable one, you can save yourself a lot of time, stress and sleepless nights.


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Gathering Documentation

Start by filing your claim with the right documentation and information.  We can help you gather and organize the information.

Meeting the Adjuster

The first meeting with the adjuster is very important.  We know how to talk to the staff adjuster and exactly what he is looking for.


Once the claim is filed, it can take up to 90 days for the insurance company to make a decision and pay.  We follow-up with the adjuster throughout this time and keep you informed.

Settlement Payment

We work for you and you alone.  Our priority is to help you settle your claim with the insurance company as quickly as possible and to make sure you get the maximum that your policy coverage will allow for your actual damages.

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